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Dimensional Lettering

Corporate Signs, Lobby Signs, or Wall Signs with Dimensional Logos and Lettering

Historically used for exterior business identification, our dimensional letters are fast becoming a standard for elegant interior sign use as well. You will find our letters used within interior offices, health clinics, retail stores, and galleries. Using quality materials along with professional installation, our letters are sure to get you noticed

Available Dimensional Lettering Materials


Our precision laser and router cut letters are a cost effective way on getting dimension into your name. These materials are available in over 30 different colors, matte and glossy finishes and from 1/8” to ¾” in thickness. Perfect for any of your interior sign needs.

Acrylic & Plastic

These are the most common type of dimensional letter used today for exterior identification. These letters are available in over 100 standard, ornamental and script typestyles, all of which are available in 30 standard colors. Need to match a specific color? No problem, our custom color matching will ensure that your company colors are not left behind. Oh, and did we mention that our formed letters are guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade?

Metal Letters

We offer both cast and flat cut metals. Our cast letters are available in over 40 typestyles and 12 different surface finishes, all pit and blemish free. We offer both aluminum and bronze finishes. Our flat cut metal letters are available in Aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel finishes. With over 20 different finishes, our letters are sealed and protected against weathering to give you a lifetime of professionally crafted lettering.

Formed Plastic Letters & Logos

Formed plastic letters offer the greatest variety of dimensional plastic letters available today-from traditional to ornamental and script. Letters are molded with flat, round, prismatic and sculpted faces. Each reflects light in a unique way.

Injection Molded Plastic Letters

Injection molding creates sharp, clean edges; precise, uniform consistency; and greater thickness for a very stable, sturdy letter. Injection molded MINNESOTA LETTERS®. are based on an all-natural plastic called Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), derived from cotton and wood fibers making it stronger and more durable than acrylic. Guaranteed not to fade or break, MINNESOTA LETTERS®. are stocked in pigmented white and black. Standard colors will be painted (included in letter price).

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